Drug Solution VS Naturopathic Treatment

Because gout episodes are so painful, patients’ demands of gout treatment is high. Most physicians recommend non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for gout flare-up. but they suggest more natural ways or healthy eating plan for preventing. This is because most gout medications are not safe enough to take for long term purpose. And, you still would have to deal with some very nasty side effects such as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Avoid drug solutions for gout treatment unless absolutely necessary.

shutterstock_89193115Naturopathic medicine is a science-based tradition that promotes well-being. Natural remedies or treatments aims to restore body inherent ability to restore health. Herbal medication is one of the naturopathic treatment.



It work holistically within your entire system to enhance healing. There are many proactive lifestyle changes that can be made to decrease the risk considerably.

Natural remedy and conventional medication both strongly recommend diet and lifestyle changes in treating gout. The goal of treatment is to avoiding food high in purine and beverages and to reduce inflammation. In addition, regular exercises is necessary for preventing disease.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gounatri (FAQ)


Q: What is Gounatri?

A: Gounatri is a natural herbal based formula which specially works for gout. These active ingredients work with your body for natural relief from gout symptoms such as uric acid flare-up joint pain, inflammation, stiffness. It optimizes health and well being by re-establishing balance and harmony within the body so that body can beat gout.


Q: Is Gounatri approved by Health Canada?

A: Yes, the ingredients in Gounatri has been approved as safe, effective and of high quality product and issued with NPN by Health Canada.


Q: How do I take Gounatri during gout flare-up?

A: A: Dosage and directions are included on the label. We suggest you to take 4 capsules , three times daily during flare-up. Once the symptoms has gone, take 2 capsule with a glass of water, twice daily or as professionally prescribed.


Q: How quickly will Gounatri works for me?

A: Results will be apparent within 1.5 days of the first dose for most of individuals during flare-up. The exact time taken for relief varies for each person. We encourage you to take 2 capsules three times daily for 30 days after the attack to begin experiencing desired results. A healthy lifestyle that underlines proper nutrition and regular exercise is key to experience the best results. Our clinical studies have shown that decrease in blood uric acid at least 25% in our patients after intake Gounatri for 30 days. For long term use, we recommend you stay with 60-90 days for satisfaction.A healthy lifestyle that underlines proper nutrition and regular exercise is key to experience the best results. Gounatri is intended as a component of a healthy lifestyle,you will naturally increase the effectiveness when you eat smart and live actively.


Q: How is Gounatri different from conventional products?

A:It is designed to naturally relieve gout related symptoms and optimize your health for long term. It is help to keep your blood uric acid to healthy level. However, some conventional products typically address only the flare-up symptoms and along with side effects.