Why Gounatri?


Our Difference


At Gounatri, we believe nature never goes wrong. We continue to combine the best of traditional herbal ingredients with innovative scientific techniques to ensure a standard of excellence. We are absolutely dedicated to providing gout-friendly products and leads you to a healthy and productive life.


Pure and Nature

Gounatri is a natural herbal based formula which specially works for gout, These active ingredients work with your body for natural relief from gout symptoms. We are proud of 7 Natural ingredients.


Clinical studies, effective nutrients

Each product must deliver the correct dosage of key ingredients to ensure a standard of excellence, based on clinical research by our expert health group. Our clinical studies has been shown 98% efficacy.


Our scientists are dedicated to find potent ingredients from nature to create exclusive formulas. As a natural herbal based medicine,Gounatri safely activates the body’s natural relief and balance mechanisms. It has no reported side effect or drug interaction. The ingredients in Gounatri has been approved as safe, effective and of high quality product and issued with NPN by Health Canada.

Powerful Ingredients, Exclusive Formula

Each herb has many different properties which interact with both the person taking them as well as the other herbs in the formula. The ingredients have been traditionally used in treating gout for their anti-inflammatory effects.We combine 7 ingredients to maximize their potency to ward off disease. The concept is that herbs optimizes health and well being by re-establishing  balance and harmony within the body so that body can heal itself.

GOUNATRI Usage Guide


Suggested Use: Take 2 capsule, twice daily with with a meal or as professionally prescribed. If gout has flare up, then take 4 capsules , three times daily.

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